Friday, 5 January 2018

Finding Wedding Sherwanis For The Modern Man

When the term metrosexual man, first came into existence, most people chose to steer clear of it – for them it was a term that was not to be associated with real men. However, of late, a growing number of men, becoming aware of what the term actually means, are choosing to embrace it. In the simplest of terms, a metrosexual man is one who is conscious about the way he looks and takes care of grooming. When he goes out shopping, he will want colours that work with his complexion and will also try to find indo western dresses for men’s online – that is the modern man of today. 

It is this enlightened and conscious man of the present who has led to the escalation in men’s fashion and these days, you can find so many more options, when it comes to fashion for men. This is no longer the day and age where men will wear just anything – these days, the modern man wants to look good, which is why he will not only colour coordinate his clothes, but also ensure that he takes the time to look at the fabrics, the designs and of course, whether the outfit is trendy enough. Obviously, it comes as no surprise that when it comes to choosing their outfits, even the men want to settle for nothing less than the latest sherwani designs for wedding

Normally, when a wedding is around the corner, it is the bride who is the centre of all the attention. Families and friends spend hours trying to ensure that she has the best trousseau possible, with all the elaborate outfits in silk and georgette. Hours are spent choosing the best outfits for the bride to be and each occasion during the wedding is given much importance. However, in the past men would not pay much attention to what they would wear during the wedding – simple outfits or whatever their family picked out for them, would be more than enough for them. But the modern man is aware of what he wants and he will not shy away from the task of looking through different types of sherwani designs, before finalising one that he likes the best. 

As a matter of fact, more and more men are now spending just as much time as the brides to be to try and find the best outfits for what is also a special day for them. Because the typical Indian wedding has now become an affair that lasts a few days, there are just as many events. From the cocktail prior the wedding to the mehndi and sangeet, there are so many occasions to dress up for not only the bride, but also the groom. Whether it is the reception or the actual wedding ceremony itself, the modern man wants to make sure that he is looking his best and no longer will he be satisfied with a simple sherwani for marriage. At India Emporium, we understand this, which is why we cater to not only the bride to be, but also the groom to be! 

If you are a modern man and your wedding or even the wedding of a dear friend or a close relative is nearby, then there will be the need for attires that will work for the events. While you might want to go for the traditional suit for the cocktail dinner, you could always choose something a little more ethnic for the other occasions. Like, for the mehndi or haldi, you could opt for a simple kurta teamed with dhoti or pajamas, but for the sangeet you could go for something a lot more elaborate. As a matter of fact, you could consider indo western for men, because these will lend themselves to the traditional aspect of the wedding, without making the man feel too traditional. Teaming up kurtas with Nehru jackets or wearing formal looking Mandarin coats with dhotis are a great way to accentuate your personal style. At India Emporium, you should be able to find several options for all these types of outfits.

However, when it comes to choosing wedding sherwanis for men, it needs a lot more care and consideration, because this is the outfit that you will be wearing for the most important day of your life. While a lot of people like to match their sherwani with the outfit that their bride to be has picked out for herself, there are those who like to go a more subtle way. Several grooms these days prefer to just have a small pocket square that is the same colour as the bride’s outfit or they might go for the traditional turban in the same colour. 

If you are feeling confused by all the latest sherwani designs from 2018, you need to create a checklist for yourself. Consider your budget first, because this will help eliminate all the more expensive choices. Shortlist the colours that you feel will work well for the occasion and then spend some time trying to finalise how grand or how subtle you want your outfit to be. Or simply come to India Emporium and allow our team of designers to help you out with all the little details!