Wednesday, 11 July 2018

How I Style My Princess, Every Day!

I am mother to a gorgeous 6-year-old and I have no qualms in admitting that I am obsessed with her! Every time, I am shopping, I am looking out for clothes that I can purchase for my princess and each time, I step into one of those big brand stores, I realise that the clothes are similar looking. What frustrates me even more is that I buy a dress for her, thinking it looks nice, and a few days later, I see some other child wearing exactly the same outfit. That was the time when I decided to stop shopping for kids clothing from those big brand stores. 

But I was still facing a problem – I needed to find a place where I could find clothes that would do my little doll, justice. As a person, I can adjust with most things, but when it comes to being a mother, I am not willing to feel satisfied with just anything. When it comes to finding something for my daughter, I will not settle for the normal – every time, I am looking for an outfit for her, it needs to be special and truly extraordinary. Having walked in and out of innumerable stores, looking for something special for my little one, I was starting to feel disappointed and dejected. 

It was then that I thought of considering kids clothes online – I have to admit, I do a lot of my own shopping online, but when it came to buying something for my little darling, I wondered whether the things would match up to the standards that I have set for her. I decided to dip my toes tentatively and pick out just one outfit first – after all, I could always buy more from this particular website, especially if I liked what I saw. Now, I have to tell you – this is a website that I shop from almost every alternate month, and almost everything that I have purchased from here has turned out more than satisfactory. However, the outfit that I purchased for my daughter, turned out to be such a disappointment – the fabric was of low quality, the embellishments shown on the website were nowhere to be seen on the actual outfit and the saddest part – it didn’t fit her properly. 

I was back to that state of depression and dejection – was I ever going to find something that I would love and my little one would look glorious in! It looked like my search for dresses for girls was going to end in absolute failure, when a friend of mine (who also happens to be an online shopping enthusiast like me) told me about IndiaEmporium. I had shopped from IE a fair few times, but I had no clue that they had clothes for children as well. Because my shopping experience with IE had been extremely good, I immediately went online and started browsing their pages for something unique. 

The moment I entered the category of kids wear, I have to say I was completely taken aback – there was a hidden treasure, right under my nose, and I had absolutely no clue. There was so much to choose from that my head was starting to spin. Finally, here was a website that had so many options for my daughter and each one seemed better than the other. But the greatest thing for me was that I knew of IndiaEmporium’s dedication to offering quality products. 

As they say, once bitten twice shy, I decided that rather than buying several dresses at one time, this time too, I was going to try one out first and then take a call for the rest. I ordered an adorable lehenga choli for my daughter and I was impressed by the fact that the outfit reached me within a few days. The dress looked exactly like what I had seen on the website – the colour combination was the same, the work was the same and the material used was gorgeous! The only problem was with the size – it was a little to small for her. I got in touch with the customer care at IndiaEmporium and without any tantrums, they offered to replace the dress. Yet again, within a few days, I had the same dress, but this time, it fit my princess like a dream and she looked every bit the princess that she is! It won’t take a degree in rocket science to figure out that I went ahead and purchased several more outfit for my little one. 

Today, if someone asks me where to go shopping for children’s wear, I tell them to head directly to IndiaEmporium, because this is where you will get plenty of choice, pocket friendly options and outfits that will look great on kids. What is great about the children’s outfits that you pick up from IndiaEmporium is that they are made using fabrics that are perfect for the soft, delicate skin of children. The embellishments that are used, definitely make the outfit pop, but they are not at all uncomfortable for the children and do not prick and poke the young ones, the way. What I liked about these clothes the most is that they are extremely pocket friendly too, and no matter what the occasion, you could find something that is just perfect! 

Whether you are looking for dresses for boys or for little princesses, there is so much to choose from the world of fashion at IndiaEmporium. 

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